A Book About Oneness

In a divided world, how can we begin to heal ourselves and each other?

Through a realization of the Oneness of all life.

Take a consciousness-expanding journey to the spirituality of the universe!

The journey begins at a grand historical event - the Chicago World's Fair of 1893.

Among the 27 million attenders were a who’s who of famous names: from Helen Keller to Alexander Graham Bell, Lord Kelvin to President Cleveland, and John Muir to Harry Houdini.

It is a journey through time and space, through ideas and philosophies, of then and now, from the ground beneath our feet to the vast, living universe…

  • How did Nikola Tesla describe oneness?
  • How did Swami Vivekananda illustrate the energy of love?
  • How did the grandfather of quantum physics, Max Planck, view the connection between religion and science?
  • What spiritual experience do an Apollo 11 astronaut, an Indian yogi, a British scientist and a Romantic era poet have in common?
  • Why was the British scientist Sir Oliver Lodge interested in psychic mediums?
  • How did the Swedish mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg, who claimed extraterrestrial communications, inspire the 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions?
  • What common ground do twentieth-century channeled messages from Mars and Venus have with the nineteenth-century founders of The Salvation Army?
  • How did a Japanese Zen monk, who couldn’t speak English, deliver his views on karma and reincarnation at the World's Fair?

Plus a whole lot more...

The Journey Begins

The year 1893

A time of struggle; at the dawning of the electrical age and the rise of technology.

The Location

Chicago, Illinois, USA, on the Mother Earth - a beautiful yet infinitesimally tiny speck in the vastness of space.

The World's Fair

A remarkable event on a scale never dreamed of before, attended by over 25 million people.

The World's Parliament of Religions

An inspired uniting of Eastern and Western spirituality.

The Destination

The Cosmic Reality

The realization that we are small parts of a greater whole, finding our way through a vibrant, living universe back to God.

A United East & West

A balance between the spirituality of the East and the practicality of the West.

The Alignment of Science & Religion

The recognition of universal truths that persist through time and space.

Oneness with all Things

An awakening to the divinity within us all - the spark of God which connects us to all people and all things.

The Author

Julian Rosser

Julian is an ordained Priest based in Los Angeles, California, whose spiritual awakening kicked off in the ‘90s.

His journey has taken him from singing hymns in church as a schoolboy in New Zealand to zazen meditation at a Zen Buddhist temple in Japan; from mantra to New Age prayer; from pilgrimages to holy mountains in the UK, US, Tanzania, Switzerland, France, Australia and New Zealand, to connecting with the Divine Spark within; from ancient texts to leading online prayer services; from a study of the world’s religions to finding his own spiritual master, Dr. George King.

He is a believer in oneness, with a deep interest in space and the spirituality of life beyond Earth.

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